Market Access

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    Anticipate what Iran payers want

    Payers are pushing for more evidence of value, bringing a new level of scrutiny to formulary and reimbursement decisions. Working together at the earliest stages of your commercial planning, Omid Darou Salamat can help you tailor your value proposition and pricing to local and national health plans. Our team of national account managers works with the majority of commercial plans that influence most of the prescriptions written in the Iran. As Iran ministry of health regulatory requirements keep evolving, we’re here to help you increase your chances of regulatory approval.

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    Molecule Registration at IDL List

    Put our relationships to work for your product. We’ve worked with a majority of all payers – including top managed care organizations, national welfare minister. To learn more, contact our regulatory team. Omid Darou Salamat regulatory team includes over 12 professionals, to help you navigate regulatory requirements throughout your product’s development lifecycle. Comprehensive expertise and capacity to help you gain regulatory approval. On the road to regulatory approval, you invest years and millions of dollars in drug development. Don’t let the complexities of filing across multiple countries delay your launch. With Omid Darou Salamat integrated cross-functional expertise we can help increase the probability of successfully registering your products.

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    Regulatory Compliance & Quality Management

    As regulators get tougher on enforcement, a proactive approach to quality and regulatory compliance can ensure sustained success. To meet today’s heightened demands, prevention is key. Our consulting team – an unmatched combination of former Ministry of Health Officials Experts – has helped more than 100 pharmaceutical firms develop effective regulatory strategies and strengthen quality systems to create competitive advantage.

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    It’s never too soon to devise your market access strategy

    Validate product value and accelerate approval more effectively with early development of your strategic approach. Success depends on collecting the best data to demonstrate potential outcomes and knowing the key stakeholders in Iran market, the exact time to engage with them and the relevant data that each requires.

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    Connecting Product insight with commercialization experience

    Connecting Product insight with commercialization experience

    As healthcare systems become more complex and payers’ influence becomes more prominent, Day Holding can help you create and implement an integrated market access strategy to successfully target your message, gain adoption on formularies, and negotiate better pricing and reimbursement in complex landscape of Iran Food and Drug Organization. Our experts work with you during registration to map out appropriate disease profiles and plan Regulatory approach implementation. By understanding the diverse needs of all audiences, we collect the right kinds of evidence required to present compelling value and outcomes data to each stakeholder. This integrated approach enables you to confidently illustrate how your new product and desired price compare with existing treatments, which will demonstrate the additional value that justifies your price point.


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    Product Launch

    A proven tactic to accomplishing commercial success
    Preserve your brand with Local knowledge

    Determining the best approach to launch can be challenging in Iran market. Out licensing may provide immediate commercial muscle at the expense of autonomy, but building the commercial infrastructure to independently support a successful launch may drain capital needed elsewhere. You need a partner with a deep understanding of diverse stakeholders in Iran market, new health systems and pharma branding, and the resources to implement smart strategies.

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    The right resources at every step

    Omid Darou Salamat has supported more than 100 product launches in Iran since 2009. Guided by MNC priorities, we help MNC drive successful commercialization with a complete lineup of services. From upfront strategic planning to tactical execution, we can accurately assess the gaps in your capabilities, then rapidly fill them with highly skilled marketers, medics, regulatory experts and sales leaders.

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    Benefits of a commercialization partnership with Omid Darou Salamat include
    • Retaining full strategic control over your product.
    • Keeping internal resources focused on your core portfolio.
    • Maximizing the value of your product to your company.
    • Retaining the flexibility for future business opportunities.
    • Reduced operational risk.
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    Finding partners in an evolving marketplace

    Maintaining status quo within sales operations isn’t an option if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Sales models must be attuned to market trends, and teams must be flexible and responsive to a dynamic marketplace. All the necessary resources may not be in-house, but in order to realize maximum efficiencies perhaps they shouldn’t be.

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    Tailoring teams to your goals

    With 11 years of experience, 100 brand launches, more than 50 specialty and primary care sales representatives in 20 Provinces, and customer satisfaction scores that consistently exceed 90%, Omid Darou Salamat knows how to build winning teams. In addition to recruiting, training and managing your sales force, our pharmaceutical sales solutions go far beyond those of traditional sales organizations, including:

    • Boost sales in new therapeutic areas with highly experienced specialty sales teams.
    • Rapidly expand into one or several geographic areas.
    • Maintain continuity of territory coverage with a zero vacancy sales team.
    • Deploy a sales force supplemented with remote engagement.
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    Integrated Channel Management

    A connected engagement strategy to reach physicians the right way

    Getting your product message in front of physicians has become more interesting. Restrictions in the number of sales rep visits to healthcare providers (HCPs), Higher number of patients to see, and an increased amount of information through a variety of digital channels, it is getting harder every day for your message to reach HCPs effectively. Relying only on traditional face-to-face interaction through sales representatives won’t show the returns that could be achieved through a multichannel approach.

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    Connect results to improve your probability of success

    Choosing the right channel mix and understanding the impact of your activities requires you to:

    • Understand  your Iranian target audiences preferred communication channels
    • Connect the various channels to track results and make more informed decisions
    • Employ a good balance between non-personal, personal, live communication
    • Be flexible – adjust the channel mix, according to context
    • Ensure consistency of message through different channels while keeping content fresh
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    An integrated multichannel engagement solution with Omid Darou Salamat allows you to
    • Tap into our deep understanding of healthcare systems and stakeholders
    • Use our ability to reach stakeholders and identify the channels that resonate best with them
    • Leverage our capabilities in designing, executing and measuring your multi-channel program
    • Rely on us to provide a solution that is compliant with regulations – across Iran Market

    We can help you design and execute a tailored strategy at any point in your product’s lifecycle – starting in the planning stages before brand launch all the way past loss of exclusivity. For established brands, applying an integrated multichannel engagement strategy can help you generate greater value and support you during heartland strategy implementation.

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    Brand Communications

    Every interaction with your market is an opportunity to communicate brand value. Make sure you’re prepared for each one, Based on a robust scientific foundation and deep audience insights, we create brand building communication strategies through multiple channels from product branding and launch events to online patient support programs. Clearly communicating your product’s value proposition, we can support your market access and reimbursement strategy at national, regional and local levels. Brand communications across channels, across the product lifecycles.

    Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans for multiple audiences.

    Medical education programs to support correct clinical use and encourage patient adherence.
    Promotional campaigns to raise brand awareness.
    Sales force training and multi-channel support tools.
    Patient access support in appropriately targeted patient groups.
    Real-life outcomes collection and insight gathering to validate brand value.


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    Hejrat Distribution Company

    Hejrat Distribution Company, the provider of distribution and sale services of drugs, medical facilities, dietary supplements, health and beauty products, considering the importance and the position of quality in its organization strategies, has chosen the quality management system based on ISO9001:2008 standard as a proper model for increasing the quality, constant improvement, and satisfaction of drugstores and health care centers as its customers.


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    The power of possibilities

    Omid Darou Salamat comprehensive expertise can help you confidently interact with regulatory affairs authorities for different therapeutic area and package and present all the information necessary to allow regulatory authorities to make the right decision for passing registration prices.

    • 100% of approximately 100 submissions to the FDO have passed technical validation for registering IRC.
    • 70% of our regulatory professionals hold advanced degrees, with an average of more than 16 years of experience.
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    Regulatory Affair

    Today’s Iran economics require you to navigate new terrain. Regulatory and commercial endpoints are converging. Market planning can’t wait until IrFDA (Iranian food and drug organization) submission. You need an integrated blueprint to align your commercial goals. Market Access, one of the many Consulting services available from Omid Darou Salamat, stands ready to help you navigate the value substantiation process, from developing and demonstrating your product’s value platform to winning a preferred market position.

     Entering new markets? Omid Darou Salamat can help you understand all your stakeholders to support payer formulary adoption, negotiation, and messaging. The earlier we start, the better.

    We offer comprehensive expertise across the product continuum: Strategy – To differentiate your product, you must know what payers, providers and patients want and what evidence will demonstrate the value they look for. Evidence – Beyond clinical trials, you need to provide real-world outcomes to win market adoption. Moving with agility is key to streamline post-approval studies. Relationships – It’s critical to reach the right payers and decision makers with the right value proposition at the national levels. Market access is about packaging data in the right way, for the right customer at the right time

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